This passed weekend was the first time the church put together a “family fun night”. Before the actual date, there was a considerable amount of buzz that had circulated around the church preceding the event. Anytime we announced it, the children's (and congregants') eyes would light up; overwrought with excitement.


I know all of us can relate to the time in life when the one thing we were excited for ended up being disappointing. Those were the times when our anticipation got the better of us. Fortunately, this was not the case for our church family night. As I looked around that night, I could only see the joy that I know God intended for us to enjoy in his New Testament church.


From the very beginning, God saw that it was not good for man to be alone. Adam walked with God in the cool of the day. He enjoyed fellowship with God, but man was made in the image of God; God whose nature is fellowship. God the Father is in constant communion with God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Therefore, our creator recognized loneliness. It wasn't good. So, He decided to create fellowship for Adam.


Throughout the Bible, we see how God used a team to accomplish His will. In the New Testament, we see that Jesus told his disciples to go out into the world in twos. I think that is significant. As believers, once we asked the Holy Spirit to come inside our hearts, we changed. There is something that is now in our genetic makeup that needs that connection with other believers.


I just want to encourage anyone reading, to continue to (or get into) fellowship with other believers. Forgive past hurts; open yourself up for what God intended. He said, it is not good for man to be alone.

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