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You know the phrase. Some of the best artists use it. If you happened to be in the crowd, you know it feels almost right to just throw your hands up and “vibe”. Natural! You’re feeling it and you just want to throw ‘em up! And you do. Your Friday night ended with a bang.


Fast forward to Sunday morning. You make it to church. Worship is underway. The Spirit of the Lord is thick and palpable. The urge to raise your hands in worship is there. But you don’t.

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You may not have been aware but there is Biblical/Spiritual significance in raising your hands during worship and its counterpart.

"Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving; Let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms" (Psa. 95:2). 


The word “thanksgiving” upon translations means to hold out the hand, an extension of the hand, especially to revere or worship with extended hands. It is to thank and praise God with one's hands extended.           


This is just one of many examples throughout scripture where God commands our worship. Worship prostrated (bowed or laying down) and with lifted hands. Scripture shows the strength and power in your hands and arms.


Did you also know, or as a reminder, Lucifer (the devil) was very good with music? Some even believe he was responsible for worship through music and song in Heaven. Scripture says that the flute and other instruments were created on the day of Lucifer’s creation (Ez. 28:13) He was good at his job. So good, in fact, that he thought he was good enough to replace God. We know the story, God kicks him and a third of the angels out of heaven to his new dwelling place called earth.


See, Satan was a counterfeit. Everything he does is the counterfeit version of what God does. Everything he wants is the counterfeit of what God wants. God is the truth (Jn 14:6), Satan is a liar (Jn 8:44). God restores (Deut 30:3), Satan destroys (Jn 10:10). God desires our praises, Satan steals it.


Lifting your hands, as we have denoted in scripture, is a form of recognition, reverence, and worship. When we lift our hands in enjoyment to music that does not honor God, or is not pleasing to God, then we place our recognition, reverence, and worship to the enemy who will steal your attention and praise by any means necessary.   


So the next time you find yourself with an opportunity to lift your hands and worship the one true King of Kings and Lord of Lords, do not hesitate to throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care!




- Nessie

Praise and Worship Leader

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